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We-sellforyou is a locally owned company that is experienced with selling on eBay. We offer you the ability to sell your items on eBay even if you don't know how to use a computer. It's fast , simple, and convenient.

Customers bring in items that they would like to sell. We take digital photographs of your item, combine the pictures with a descriptive title which you and/or our research will provide, and list your item on eBay. Ebay is the largest, most successful on-line auction place in the world.

We-sellforyou will track the auction, answer any questions from potential buyers, receive payment, package and ship the product to the winning bidder, and provide you with the agreed upon proceeds from the sale.

You will need to leave the item with us in order for us to list the item. So when you are ready to sell that old collection of hummels, walkie-talkies, coins, stamps, collector plates, steins, dolls, trains, or just about anything else, load them in the car


or truck and bring them with you. We-sellforyou may also pick-up in some instances if you are unable to bring it to us.

All items must weigh less than 150 lbs. and must not exceed 130" combined length, height, and depth. The estimated value of the item must be $25.00 or more. (This is by our estimation.)  All items offered by We-sellforyou must meet "sellable criteria" as listed by eBay.




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